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Specification of Greenhouse lock Profiles in kenya

  • 4 meters length
  • Made of durable steel sheets
  • Comes with 2 wiggle/ w-wires
  • Anti-rust and strong
  • 0.8 mm thick


A lock profile or lock channel is a rail made of aluminium or steel to fasten greenhouse polythene, insect net, glass, and polycarbonate on a greenhouse.

In Kenya greenhouse, the lock profile is attached to the metal frame by drilling self-tapping screws and on the wooden frames the attachment of lock channels is done by driving nails through.

The shape of the lock profile groove allows the wiggle wire or channel wire lock to be locked in between forming a strong attachment. To use a greenhouse profile the cladding sheet has to be between the lock channel and the w- wire.

Advantages of lock channel/ lock profile in Kenya


  • Greenhouse u channels are easy to install
  • Re-usable on greenhouses and  shade houses
  • Durable and looks neat on greenhouses compared to wooden pegs

Greenhouse aluminium channels are available in 4 meters in length and come with two greenhouse spring wires in Kenya. At hortitechno, We have the lowest greenhouse locking channel price in Kenya.


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