Self drilling screws | self tapping screw 8 mm


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Self-drilling/self-tapping screws Specifications in Kenya.


  • Self drilling screws are Made of metals
  • 8 mm and 10 mm head
  • 1 inch to 5 inches length
  • Come in a box of 250 pcs
  • Durable and non-corrosive
  • Easy to use

Self drilling screws or self-tapping screws are used for attaching metals or lock profiles on greenhouse frames. Self-tapping screws are made of steel with a hexagonal head and a spiral body. The screws are driven with a must using a drill through the metals.

Self-tapping screw prices in Kenya according to the length 1 inch to 5 inches and thickness. self-drilling screws in Kenya sizes are 8 mm -10 mm prices are between 7 to 30 a piece.

Uses of self-tapping screws / self drilling screws in Kenya

  • Greenhouse metals and profile joining
  • Roofing:- Iron sheet, polycarbonates, timber
  • Polycarbonate attaching
  • Gypsum screws


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