Insect nets in Kenya | Fine 40-50 Mesh


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Specification of insect nets in Kenya

  • Color: White

  • Width: 2.5 Meters, 3 Meters
  • Length: 50 Meters, 100 Meters
  • 40 , 50 mesh
  • Uv treated and 3-5 Year guarantee.

Insect nets are made of a white fabric that is UV-treated and has a fine mesh to screen insects from going through, In a greenhouse nets are used for screening and Ventilation.

Insect net price in Kenya varies depending on size and type. Prices typically range from Ksh 85 to Ksh 150 per square meter. Hard fabric nets are slightly more expensive than soft fabric options

Types of insect nets depend on the sizes of the pores or mesh and the sizes in terms of width and length. The price of insect net in Kenya retails at K.sh 120.00.

In Kenya and Africa Anti-insect nets are used to create black soldiers cages, this promotes insect farming in the continent.

Uses of insect nets in Kenya:

  • Greenhouses
  • Black soldier fly farming
  • Screen houses for research

Compared to mosquito nets this net is strong and durable and remains the number one reusable nets in the agriculture industry.

To fasten your net on top of a greenhouse or farming structure you should use a profile with w-wires or wooden pegs and nails.

These nets are used with UV-treated film to create a favoured climatic condition for horticultural crops as agriculture nets. In research institutions like ICIPE or CDC, screen houses covered using optinet are help collect accurate data.

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