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Greenhouse Materials

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Our Story

Advantages of a greenhouse.

Greenhouse farming in Kenya is a lucratve venture with Great Benefits.
A greenhouse creates a micro-climatic environment that provides optimum plant growth conditions.
Greenhouse Kenya provides warmth, Reduces damage to the crop from adverse weather, and reduces chances of insect and disease infestation to the Plants. Greenhouses enhance quality and vigor in growth for tomatoes and Capsicums among other horticulture vegetables.

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We Supply and use new-quality greenhouse materials for construction and irrigation.

Timely delivery

We do timely delivery of greenhouse materials all over Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania And Rwanda.

Excellent Service

Over ten years of experience in greenhouse construction. Metallic and Wooden Greenhouse Kenya Experts.

Our Services

Let’s Bring Your Farm To Great Success

Soil testing, PH, Nutrients

Hortitechno, your trusted partner in agriculture, offers comprehensive soil testing services. Our expert analysis determines pH, nutrient levels, and soil composition.

Greenhouse Construction

Expert greenhouse construction in Kenya. Various sizes and materials, wooden or metallic frames. Costs vary depending on size and features. Contact us for a tailored solution.

Solar dryers / Dehydrator

Hortitechno, experts in greenhouse tech, offers solar dryers for efficient crop drying. Boost quality, reduce losses, and increase profits with our tailored solutions.

Irrigation and materials sale

Hortitechno, a leading provider in Kenya, offers various irrigation solutions, including drip and sprinkler systems, to optimize water usage and enhance crop yields for farmers of all scales.

Agronomy and Extension

Hortitechno’s expertise spans greenhouse construction, irrigation, crop management & market access, optimizing yields & profitability for Kenyan farmers

Training and Development

Hortitechno specializes in greenhouse construction and offers training programs to equip farmers with essential skills for successful horticulture ventures.

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A strong wooden and metallic greenhouse that withstands winds of up to 140 Km per hour.

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