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Shade nets specification in Kenya

  • Durable 3-5 years
  • Uv treated
  • Colour: Black, Green, White
  • Length: 50 Meters and 100 Meters
  • Width: 4 Meters
  • Available percentage: 30%, 50%, 55%,70%,90%


Shade net is a woven or knitted fabric for the use of lowering sun intensity on plants. Shade nets are widely used as agricultural nets in Kenya. Shade nets comes in different grams per square meters: this is determines the percentage of shade the fabric can give against the sun.

Shade net price in Kenya varies depending on the quality and size. Typically, prices range from Ksh 60 to Ksh 150 per square meter. Factors influencing cost include material type, UV stabilization, and mesh size. Common uses include agriculture, construction, and horticulture.

Shadenet comes in rolls and the roll price in Kenya depends on the length and width: for example, a shade net of 4 meters by 50 meters of 50 % shading, tape and yarn varies between K.sh 14,000.00 -K.sh16,000.00.

At Hortitechno we sell any sizes of nets in Kenya at affordable prices. Shade net price per square meter in Kenya is between k.sh 70.00 to k.sh 180.00.

Uses of shade nets in Kenya:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Car park shade
  3. Privacy and fencing
  4. Shade nets for Building Construction

Shade net is attached to metallic greenhouse frames using locking profiles, Straps and Pegs.

Buy shadenet and other greenhouse materials, polythene insect nets, profiles and polythene from hortitechno.


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